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Why should we help facial paralysis patients?

Vital Fulya DRSG-Klinik
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Facial paralysis if become a permenant condition, is one of the most disturbing problems among people. The incidence of permanent facial paralysis and synkinesis is more than calculated. Estimated number of acute paralysis patiens are 20-30 in 100.000 population. In clinical experience we see more people suffer permanent face paralysis that isolate themselves from the social life.

This type of patients are unfortunately being refused from their own family also. We saw many patients that they are seperated from the same meal table because of leakin food from the mouth corner. 

Especially our experiences show that nerve transfer operations in such worse cases works perfectly. After 3-6 months healing period the tissue tonus and functions commonly come back. The only problem for such patients is the operation expenses. For a nerve transfer patient some diagnostic workout plus operation fees costs 24-30 000 TL (Around 4300-5300 USD) +VAT.

As ENT-Interactive clinic we cover the 50 % of the prices. We have several patients that has no chance for covering the other 50%. They are looking for having some funds from some public hospitals, but these specific surgery is not available in most of these public hospitals.

If you want to donate to the fund on focused only financing these patients they will have the chance to cover the other 50% price.



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