Jaw structure is one of the main determinants of face shape. The most important situation that generally requires chin filling is that the chin is congenitally small or asymmetrical. Another common complaint we see is the hollowness in the middle area at the tip of the chin.

When viewed from the profile, a small chin may cause the nose to be perceived as large as it disrupts the proportion. Chin contour fillers and rhinoplasty surgeries should be evaluated together. Some nose problems can be solved without surgery or with narrower surgery following chin filling.

Another need for filling in the chin is the 'W' shaped side appearance disorder caused by age-related facial sagging called prejaw line. The main thing here is to elevate the face by providing support on the cheekbones and to increase the tension with filler at certain points to support it.

As a chin filler, hyaluronic acid with a high density and a carrier feature that can reach bone hardness should be preferred. MD code should be taken as a basis here and a blunt tip cannula should be used whenever possible.

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