Snoring and apnea have become a common problem for many people today. Snoring and apnea cause many negative changes in the body, whether they are in the advanced stage that the person can notice or in the initial stage. The most well-known of these are vehicle accidents due to difficulty in waking up in the morning and waking up tired, daytime sleepiness and distraction.


It is useful to emphasize the important points without distracting the subject.

• Snoring and apnea is an insidious disease that threatens human life with the risk of sudden death, reduces its quality with cardiovascular diseases, but ultimately shortens life. Even if the disease is full or partial, it is necessary to decide on the treatment methods.

• Owners of this disease do not know or accept that they are sick because they do not remember the sleep period. - In case of doubt, it is necessary to do a night sleep test. 

• Snoring and apnea patients are difficult to treat, even if they are diagnosed and patient compliance is achieved. -Everyone who says they will solve it, should not be trusted.

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Medical treatment and device using in apnea patients.

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Surgical solutions.
Tongue base surgery and hyoid shifting.

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If we explain these titles, some criteria should be questioned for the diagnosis of the disease. We should do this questioning to our spouse and children as well as to ourselves. If the oxygen saturation in the blood decreases at night due to congestion and breath-holding, the person will experience stress. This will cause an increase in the secretion of the hormone called cortisol in the long term. Effects such as weight gain due to this hormone worsen the existing sleep disorder by putting it into a vicious circle.

If you have trouble waking up in the morning, wake up tired, sleep during the day, have weight gain, or wake up a lot at night, you should measure your Epworth Sleep Scale , which is the pre-diagnostic test available on our site. In case of doubt, we recommend polysomnography, or sleep test, with full-function monitoring in our clinic. It is important to reveal the seriousness of the work with these and examination.

The possible location of the obstruction in treatment is a very important variable for us. Often the occlusion zone can be at more than one point. We choose the worst of these points with surgery and head there or we intervene in two areas in the same session. The most common cause, or the most common blockage we see with others, is the large tongue falling and closing the trachea. Among these causes, according to our experience, 80% are primary or additional causes. For example, although nasal obstruction is known as the main cause among the public, its effect on apnea is very low and improvement is seen less frequently after only nose surgery in apnea treatment compared to the intervention to the tongue root.

The surgery that should be preferred most often is the tongue root stretching surgery. The most successful results are obtained at the end of this surgery. Interventions such as cutting the tongue, cutting the palate, radiofrequency, and burning have limited effects on apnea treatment, and this type of surgery can be preferred if needed later.


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