Side eye lines, which we call crow's feet, are a common problem for almost everyone. In people who use their facial expression muscles a lot, they are usually accompanied by deep vertical lines on the forehead, which we can call frowning eyebrows.

There is an important difference that distinguishes deforming conditions such as frowning eyebrows and crow's feet from others. These are lines that can be prevented by using Botox before these problems occur. When using Botox on the lower face only for aesthetic purposes, it is not recommended because it has not received FDA approval in America. However, it can be used in hyperconvulsant diseases and similar cases. This restriction does not exist on the upper face and forehead. However, it is still important to be careful not to exceed the area to be given and to determine the required amount and period well.

Here, the filler is applied in a very limited amount and contributes to successful results. It is very important to avoid injecting amounts that will cause abnormal appearance. Therefore, these areas are among the places where the Botox-Filler combination should be applied ideally.

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