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Jawline slimming hakkında bilgi verebilir misiniz?

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Vital Fulya DRSG-Klinik
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The points that can be applied to improve the appearance of the chin can be examined under 3 headings.

    1. Chin angle enhancement – ​​Filling application to support the jaw line in front of the ear and the perpendicular line drawn from the corner of the chin. For this purpose, Volux or equivalent high-mass hyaluronic acid fillers are recommended.
    2. Chin tip and pre-jawline correction – This is done for the purpose of strengthening the jaw line, correcting the lower lip-chin relationship, and adjusting the sharpness of the chin. Voluma and Volux or equivalents should be preferred.
    3. Correcting abnormal swellings of the masticatory muscle – In this, repeated applications are made to the masseter muscle using Botox to partially atrophize the muscle. It is also effective for treating jaw and teeth grinding. Botox or equivalent should be preferred.
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