One of the most important causes of facial aging is tissue sagging. Later, pore opening, tissue loss of fluid retention and accumulation of aging pigments cause problems. The leading cause of sagging is the loss of hyaluronic acid, which acts as a support. All facial changes occur as a result of loss of volume and succumbing to gravity.

Collapses and aggregation in certain areas occur in the mask-shaped facial structures attached to the skull bone. For example, the under eye collapses, the suspensory ligament under it becomes evident as an oblique swelling. We can liken it to "sausage". The smile lines just below the sausage therefore deepen. The shadow-shine-shadow look gives the face an aged expression.

Fill-Botox applications are the most preferred for touching the face. The filler is made with natural PRP and FDA approved Hyaluronic acid. The analysis must be flawless. PRP-supported filler is a very useful support because tissue regenerating stem cells in PRP increase tissue elasticity. For this reason, Hyaluronic Acid injection to the right place in the right selected patient makes a difference. In addition, it is possible to provide lip contour and volume and to rejuvenate the entire 5-9 percent with other procedures.

Yüze dokunuş için en çok tercih edilen Dolgu-Botox uygulamalarıdır. Dolgu doğal PRP ve FDA onaylı Hyaluronik asit ile yapılır. Analiz kusursuz olmalıdır. PRP destekli dolgu PRP de bulunan doku yenileyici kök hücrelerin doku elastisetisini artırması nedeniyle çok faydalı bir destektir. Bu nedenle doğru seçilmiş hastada doğru yere yapılan Hyaluronik Asit enjeksiyonu fark yaratır. Bunun yanında dudak kontür ve hacim kazandırılması ve diğer prosedürlerle tüm yüzde 5-9 yaş arası gençleşme sağlanması mümkün olabilmektedir.

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