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Burun Estetiği Ameliyat Fiyatları Nasıl Belirleniyor?

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Vital Fulya DRSG-Klinik
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Although the nose is a small organ, there are many interrelated structures that cause aesthetic defects in the nose. For example, let's assume that although the entire nose is in ideal proportion, there is an abnormality at the tip, which we call "tip". These types of anomalies need to be examined separately with sub-parameters such as bullous type, type with asymmetric cartilage disorder, type with thick skin due to lose-areolar tissue... 

Many parameters related to the middle part and the bone part of the back, as well as the almost endless variations due to reasons such as head size, whether the face is oval or flat, skin form, etc., should be planned by considering - of course, this is also related to the person's perception, the person thinks "anyway". If he thinks, every surgery is successful. 

The truth of the matter is that surgery has, unfortunately, become ordinary in every sense of the word due to financial concerns and inappropriate competition. As a result of this type of relationship between supply and demand, problems reflected in the media may arise. 

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