Information: Facial bones, like other bone structures in the body, experience osteoporosis and loss of volume as age progresses.

The cheekbone forms the contour of the cheek. With its envelope like a sliding bed sheet, the facial muscle and skin sag over time. If the person has not had an accident, surgery or trauma, the most common cause of this sagging is osteoporosis and volume loss in the bone. We can compare the cheekbones to the hanger for hanging clothes in the closet. Slips that may occur with the effect of gravity and over time cause the clothes to wrinkle and wear.

This injection site is the most preferred face area. This small touch does not cause adverse effects such as side effects due to volume increase in the percentage or losing the chance of surgery. On the contrary, it can be used as a support before and after surgery.

This region has also been described as the Top-Model-Look point in young patients. By using more products, the person can be given a top model appearance as a result of placing them in the right place on the membrane on the cheekbone. More satisfaction and less sagging face will be obtained with the top model look in suitable types.

Another important advantage of Ck 1-6 (Md Codes) ie Cheekbone support is the suspension effect on the entire face. Accordingly, the eyelids rise upwards, the eyes are rejuvenated, the depth of the smile lines decreases, the under-eyes tighten and the chin grooves are affected.

In this area, it is necessary to make injections by using the viscous (dark) form of hyaluronic acid to collect the skin above and behind and create a barrier. Injection points and the way they are done are very important. In addition to basic protective measures, scientific injection points should be preferred.

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