What is FSG Beauty Scoring?

  • Face FSG-Score measurement is a measurement method that I have standardized by fixing some of the benchmarks in facial structures.
  • It is a methodological measure designed to express the face which is described as the golden ratio in mathematical terms which is described as the FSG (Face Selcuk Guney)- Scoring. 
  • The program used in the measurement performs rational analysis with low standard deviations. FSG-Scoring is the definition of this score from the anatomical parts of the face.
  • Facial asymmetry is easily detected with FSG measurement rates. Such as nose aesthetic disorders, facial deformities that reduce the score can be easily diagnosed before any operation on the face.
  • If we consider that facial beauty is the harmonic ratio of the organs of the face to each other, rather than the individual organ beauty, FSG Score measurement also plays a leading role in assisted filling procedures which will increase success in surgery such as nasal aesthetics.

How Will You Learn Your Score?


  • To get your results and my suggestions you have to fill two of the forms on the right side of the page.
  • Upload your two photos from face and right side by using the application above. Do not forget to write your name and what you feel about your face and nose. 
  • Results will be resend to you few days later by WhatsApp and/or mail.

Result Scale

  • Perfect Face        :  FSG - Score >= 9
  • Beautiful Face    : FSG - Skoru 7.5 - 9 arası
  • Average Face      : FSG - Skoru 5 - 7.5 arası
  • Ugly Face             : FSG - Skoru <= 5

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