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With the advancement of filler and botox technology, we can achieve invaluable gains in diseases such as facial paralysis, cosmetic disorders caused by aging and wrinkles. Our basic principle is to achieve the best results by using the least filler-botox product without spoiling the naturalness. This is a branch that requires study and experience in addition to anatomy knowledge. Wrong and unnecessary applications have the potential to create enormous vital and cosmetic risks.

We can only allow our patients who have come to us for examination to access the price list. Our filler-botox examinations are 50% off. Being examined will be of great benefit to you. Some facial deformities are the result, not the cause. For example, the deepening of smile lines occurs due to cheek sagging from the cheekbone in many of our patients. Filling the smile line instead of cheek filling, which is the main reason here, is the wrong application. This causes the weight of the tissue to drop and, on the contrary, more sagging. Incorrect application will have the opposite result.

Another important aspect of the examination is the determination of asymmetrical FSG points by face scoring. This is also a very important issue because one of the most important factors affecting the beauty of the face is symmetry - symmetry can be corrected by adjusting the filling ratios.

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