Most common reason of face aging is hanging down of the face tissues. In skin, pore opening, loss of fluid depending the loss of hyaluronic acid, also accumulation of aging pigments create problems. Main cause of sagging is loss of hyaluronic acid, which acts as support. The loss of volume and gravity together influence the health of the face negatively.

Face layers attach to the skull bone like a mask. In time collapse in the face structures and accumulation occurs in certain regions. For example, subclinical collapse under eyes cause the underlying retaining ligament become more apparent in an obtuse bulge. We can call it "sausage".  The smile lines just below the sausage deepen for this reason. Shadow-gloss-shade appearance gives an old-fashioned expression to the face.

Fill-Botox applications are the most preferred materials for small touch to face. The filling is made with natural PRP and FDA approved Hyaluronic acid. The analysis should be perfect. PRP-assisted Hyaluronic acid filling is a very useful for supporting the tissue elasticity by the content- tissue renewal stem cells in PRP. Therefore, injection of Hyaluronic Acid in selected patient, in selected areas, makes a difference. In addition to this, lip contouring and volumizing are available. All procedures enables looking younger- ages between 5 and 9 years.

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