The cheekbone forms the side contour of the face. As aging, facial muscles and skin with the facial sheet deform like a sliding bed sheet. Cheekbones look like the hangers on a cupboard that we hang our clothes. The effects of gravity and slides that can occur over time, cause the dress to wrinkle and wear out.

This injection site is my favorite among face procedures. I'm telling some of my patients not to use dermal fillers if there is subcutaneous thickening or excessive sagging. Even in this type of face, I sometimes offer cheekbone support with a small touch. This little touch does not cause side effects such as percent volume gain or loss of operative chance. On the contrary, it can be used as support before and after surgery.

At the same time this region was also described as a "Top-Model-Look" point in young patients. At the MD-Codes Distinction meeting, the face by using more volume on cheekbones giving a more inverted triangle image is supported. This means more satisfaction and less sagging faces.

The other important advantage of the Ck-point (cheek bone) support, is the hanging effect of other parts of the face at the same time. As a result, the eyelids rise to the top, the depth of the smile lines decreases, the under eyes become tense and the jaw grooves are affected good.

By using the viscous (dark) form of hyaluronic acid in this region, it is necessary to collect the skin upwards and backwards and make injections which will form a barrier. The injection points and the way they are made are very important. Scientific injection points should be preferred.



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