Dr. Selçuk Güney ENT Clinic has “International Health Tourism Authorization Certificate” . Clinic works with Vital Fulya Plaza Clinics community. He accepts his patients in the practice environment of Vital Fulya Health Complex on Hakkı Yeten Caddesi, No:23. Fulya- Sisli /ISTANBUL. Modern office design contains hygenic, well-equiped high tech facilities. Audiologic hearing test, CT scan, ear microscopy are available. 

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Apart from advanced endoscopic examination equipment and sterilization units in the practice, there are smart building features in Vital Fulya Health Complex. In addition valet services, elevators for patients with walking difficulties, advanced fire exit and protection equipment, full earthquake resistance, disabled WC, etc. are available.


Laboratory services are provided around the building. In addition to routine laboratory services, detailed microbiological DNA studies are carried out using Multiplex PCR Panels. With this method, it has become possible to recognize virus types as well as bacterial agents in infections. Respiratory tract pathogens Influenza A, Influenza B, RSV-A, RSV-B, Rhinovirus, Adenovirus, Influenza A H1 N1, Coronavirus etc… are among the viruses that can be diagnosed. Patients who need imaging can benefit from free transportation, as they are taken from the practice and left back at the end of the required examination.


LTT developed in terms of allergy, PCR-based respiratory, food and metal allergy test groups are studied in laboratories.


An overnight sleep test is the specialist’s greatest help in diagnosing sleep disorders and revealing the origin of the disease. With this test, many functions such as brain functions, blood oxygen saturation, diaphragm movements are recorded during sleep.

For the sleep test, that is, polysomnography, places that can be performed in the home environment are recommended according to the preference of the person. After the data obtained with the test device in compliance with the AASM standards with 33 channels is reported, it constitutes an important parameter that guides the diagnosis and treatment process.


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